…on account of their new teaser video.

I don’t know what is about these dudes. I end up with a sore neck and an angry hangover every time I head out to see them. I don’t know about you, but that equals an epic night in my books. ūüėČ


On buying tickets, beer, and the pepper spray incident.

All photos by Maidenhell.

Worn out


This is the second year that I bought a pair of tickets online via the MDF website.

This year, I wasn’t sure if I could make the trip (’cause of work) so we didn’t order the tickets until pretty late in the game.

Due to a small glitch on their end, only one ticket (of the pair) was mailed out. I kinda freaked out because of the lack of time until the fest.

I shot the guys back an email, and forwarded them my invoice. Within a week they had sorted out the issue and mailed me the missing ticket. Continue Reading »

MDF IX wristbandsThis year, I was able to catch the MDF pre-show. That equals a total of four full days of epicness.

I debated about the best way to talk about the fest.¬†Hellbound always has an awesome review, and I saw a few of those guys down there. If you don’t subscribe their site, I’d recommend it.

Also, my buddy Laura who road-tripped it down with us will likely have a lot to say about the weekend.

I figured that my best angle of attack is to focus on the experience. There are a few factors that stuck out over the weekend. I’m going to break the weekend down to three topics:

  1. Organization: On buying tickets, beer, and the pepper spray incident.
  2. Fashion: On tattoos, back patches, and sluts.
  3. Incidents: On jerks, performances, and beach balls.
I’m hoping to do a post every 4 days, but hubby’s got all of the memory cards, and there’s a lot of stuff on there that I’d like to post here. He took 60+ videos of songs, plus a ton of photos. It would be a shame if I didn’t post videos and links and all of that. I’ll update the posts as quickly as I can get the media from him.

lovebirdsI just have to take this time to have a girly moment.

Congratulations to Jen and Jon on their recent matrimony.

It’s always very awesome when two metalheads meet up and are so great together.

Great metal chicks are SO rare, and Jen is a real prize.

The first time that I met Jen was at the (now dead) Trinport. She asked me “Do I look like an elf?!?” I have no idea what conversation she’d been a part of prior to this, but it’s kinda sorta awesome.

I met Jon through the hubby. Frankly, every conversation that I’ve every had with him was great.

Jen and Jon are so very lovely. Congrats guys. All the best! \m/

So, I’ve only just recovered from this show. The Governor¬†invited a few people over for an a little get-together over at Siesta Nouveaux¬†featuring Spewgore, Empyrean Plague, and one of my personal favourites, Eclipse Eternal.

This was my first time at SN. I’d heard about it, but never quite managed to make it out. It’s an intimate space, but it was exactly right for this event. The crowd packed in to shove the Governor into his next year of life.

All of the bands brought a good show. I’d love to go into more detail, but as I previously alluded, I indulged. Lots. Very much lots.

Eclipse Eternal SetI was most excited to see Eclipse Eternal. Although they’re local, I hadn’t been out to see them in ages. They hit us with a new stuff, and a good oldie.

I’m gunna have to get off my butt and hit up their shows more often.

Good times. Now I’m off to try to stretch out my headbanging muscles. Ooh.. the pain.

HG in MTLHubby and I took a trip over to La Belle Province to check out Cauldron and Holy Grail (or their official site with the old url) at Il Motore.

As much as I love the Tdot, it’s nice to roadtrip out to some other cities to check out their scene. (Even if the bands aren’t from the area.) The crowds¬†fascinate¬†me.

Continue Reading »

So, I haven’t been to a show all summer.

Ak! (I know)

I could, at this point, make some legitimate excuses, but I think that you guys deserve better than some lame nonsense.

Frankly, lately, I’ve sucked with posting. I’m going to try to get back to where I was, and push further, and give you guys something worth reading.

Tomorrow, I’m going to post a brutal, honest, angry rant.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who voted in the video pole. I’ll add more moving content in the future. ūüôā